Sand Timer

Sand timer, also called sandglass, sand watch and hourglass, is a device used to measure time through sand. The origin of this device dates back to 1300AD and since then it has been associated with many cultures. The structure of a hourglass comprises two glass bulbs interlinked with a narrow neck in a vertical position; and held by a wooden or metallic frame. The sand from upper glass bulb pours to the lower one slowly. The sand can be powdered marble, powdered silica, or round & polished sand. Through sand quantity, the exact time can be measured. It works on similar principle as Clepsydra-water clock, in which water moves between two vessels. Our company provides antique sand timer maritime wooden, royal navy antique sand timer and antique nautical maritime wooden hourglass sand timer. The material, shape and finish of each of the sand timers offered by us are distinct. In modern use, the sand timer is the best desktop accessory.