Antique Maritime Sand Timer Decorative

Antique Sand Timer Maritime Wooden

This stunning range of Antique Sand Timer Maritime Wooden has a beautiful antique finishing and polishing. This is a fully functional item designed from high grade wood, brass and other raw materials. Available in good condition, this is surely a great gift for any nautical enthusiast. Time timer lasts for 10 minutes. Glass has two vertical glass bulbs to allow a synchronized trickle of material from the top to bottom. This is an ideal desk accessory with its unmatched design and condition.

Gone are the days when when sand timers were used as just a timing tool, now a days these have become a fashion ornaments and decoration pieces. Here, we are providing you the most captivating collection of the Antique Sand Timer Maritime Wooden. Fascinating in look, this one is extensively used by generations for study time, plaything in leisure time and a time while putting mask or doing yoga. It's so pleasing to have view of the sand flowing slowly with this showpiece, it will also make you realize the value of time in the actual mean.

Code No St10233
Min Quantity  80-100
Max Quantity  400-500
Material  Steel & Aluminum

 Dia : 3 Inches

Height 6 Inches