300 King Spartan Helmets

Spartan army included fearless men, each of whom was worth several men of another army. The Spartans wore armors, helmets and armed with shields and spears. The 300 King Spartan helmets were made to sustains blows from conventional, hand-held weapons. The name of this helmet is concluded from the fact that a group of 300 men accompanied each king in the battle. These men were termed hippeis or cavalrymen. Their helmets were unique, as it included transverse horsehair crest. Taking inspiration from the paintings and pictures of Spartans, our personnel have created the replicas of these 300 King Spartan helmets. The crestbox of each helmet is made from different material and finished in different colors; featuring a crest of genuine horse hair. Some of these helmets are provided with display stands. Bring home one of these helmets that is a perfect memorial of Thermopylae battle.