Trojan Helmet

Trojans refer to people from the ancient city of Troy, who participated in the Trojan War. This war was between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece, sometime in the late Bronze Age. The legends, like Agamemnon, Ajax, Achilles, Nestor, and Odysseus along with their armies wore full armor suit. The helmets they wore are today named as Trojan Helmets. We have designed and developed the exact replicas of these helmets, which greatest warriors and leader of the Myrmidons wore back then. These are made from carbon steel and finished in different colors. The hair crest on top is removable. The Roman period enthusiasts can keep this helmet at display to add a touch of history in their life. And, let this unique piece be a conversation starter between you and your guests.
Antique Brass Trojan Helmet Red Plume

Trojan Helmet - Achilles - Steel with Black Crest

Black Antique Trojan Helmet & Black Plume

Trojan Helmet Copper Finish & Red Plume

Trojan Warrior Helmet One Size Fits Most Silver

Antique Trojan Helmet Black Plume With Stand

Achilles Troy Helmet One Size Red Plume With Stand

Antique Brass Replica War Armor Trojan Helmet