Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight's Armor Helmet

Helmet is one of the essential armor parts, that is helpful in protecting the armorer's face and neck. The medieval period witnessed many battles, like the battle of Agincourt, Tours (AD 732), Hastings (1066), Hattin (1187), Sandwich (1217), Mohi/Muhi (1241), Morgarten (1315), Castillon (1453), Bosworth (1485), Shrewsbury and many more. The armorers used to wear heavy weight armor and fought with traditional medieval, hand-held weapons and shields. One of the most popular helmets is Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight's Armor Helmet. We provide replica of this helmet, which are made from steel with polish finish. People who admire the Roman history love to collect the items that symbolizes that era. These full size helmets with leather suspension liner are wearable. The stage artists and actors can also comfortably wear these helmets in theater, plays and movies.