Pocket Watch

Pocket watch, as the name implies, is a watch designed to be carried in a pocket. The origin of this kind of watch dates back to 17th century. The idea of this watch was just to carry them safely, as earlier watches were attached to chains and worn around the neck. Variations in size and shape were done, so that this watch suitably fit in pockets. Hunter case and pocket face are two main kinds of pocket watch. The movements of the the watch also differs, from key-wind, key-set; stem-wind, stem-set to stem-wind, pin-set. The pocket watches were widely used until the introduction of wristwatches. At present time, many people still own this watch to embrace the Victorian era. This watch makes a perfect gifting option. Our company provides Antique Pocket Watch, Retro Vintage Pocket Gift Watch and Old Pocket Watch Vintage Steampunk Retro Pendant; each of which is unique and depicts the old time.