Royal Navy Antique Artshai Brass Sand Timer Decor

Royal Navy Antique Sand Timer

A fine quality range of Royal Navy Antique Sand Timer is available here to be presented as a nice gift or utilize as an excellent working collectible. This is designed with a high quality wooden base in chrome finishing. The range is designed with a clear protective coating to preserve it for a long period of time as an excellent piece of maritime decor as well as fully functional item to decorate a yacht club. In addition, you can also adorn your home, sailing vessel and boat using this finely designed collection.

Perfect for gifting, decoration and time based activities, this Royal Navy Antique Sand Timer is designed to please you. The handcrafted piece carries beautiful pink color sand inside its glass bulbs that are vertically connected and allow regular trickle of sand from top to bottom. It comes in different sizes of hourglass that will vary the time duration which sand will take to reach to the bottom glass from the upper one. Now a days, smart parents and tutors are also using this antique sand timer showpiece to exercise the patience and perseverance of the child.

Code NoST10234
Min Quantity 80-100
Max Quantity 400-500
Material Steel & Aluminum

 Dia : 3 Inches

Height 6 Inches