Classy Look Nautical Vintage Sand Timer Hour Glass

Antique Nautical Maritime Wooden Hourgla Sand Timer

Antique Nautical Maritime Wooden Hourglass Sand Timer was used to determine the speed rate of ships before the invention of any modern equipment. The quantity of knots that ran out within 5 minutes ensured the rate of speed as one knot was equal to 1 nautical mile per hour. The sand of this great functional desk decor allows your guests to disrupt you when you are showing your love for the maritime history.

A beautiful addition to your nautical and decorative collection can be this Antique Nautical Maritime Wooden Hourgla Sand Timer. You can enjoy the beauty of this timer, experiencing the sand flowing down slowly to the bottom glass bulb, placing this in the table. Having long lasting finishing, this one will partner you in making your place look good for years. Further, the light in weight sand timer can be simp

Code NoST10235
Min Quantity 80-100
Max Quantity 400-500
Material Steel & Aluminum

 Dia : 3 Inches

Height 6 Inches

ly inverter again when the top bulb of sand gets empty.