THORINSTRUMENTS (with device) Crusader Armor Helmet Templar Knight

Item No : KG520

  • Made of 18 GA Steel
  • Hand Finished - Slight Differences in Size and Appearance Likely
  • Full Sized and Wearable
  • Leather Liner
  • Helmet Stand Not Include


Product description

Full face coverage utilizing 18 gauge steel protects the entire head during battle. The Knights Templar and Crusaders used this helmet as one of the primary means of armor protection. It has proven its place in history for survivability. A rounded top rim is forged, connecting the rounded top and the sides with rivets. Overlapping layers of steel surround the full 360 degrees of the head. At the front visor are layers laid out like a cross. The design is empowering for a warrior. The bottom of the visor and basinet extend past .